Bad Robot Productions

Bad Robot Productions

In 2001, J.J. Abrams was on the cusp of making a name for himself in Hollywood as a producer, writer and (soon-to-be) director, but first he needed a name for his production company.

He decided on Bad Robot and designed a mischievous red robot zipping back and forth through some tall grass before it comes to a stop, looking at its audience while J.J.’s own kids are heard to say “Bad Robot.”

Bryan Burk first became involved with Bad Robot when he was brought in to Alias as an associate producer in 2003 to help out in post-production with the editing and the scoring of the episodes. His knack for understanding J.J.’s vision and helping to translate that on to the screen led to him becoming J.J.’s producing partner at Bad Robot, with their first collaboration being Lost (2004-2010).

Bad Robot became Bad Robot Productions in 2006 with the company signing production deals with Paramount Pictures for feature films and Warner Bros. Television for television projects. The collaboration between J.J. and Bryan under the Bad Robot Productions’ shingle has been a fruitful one, finding success on the small screen with TV shows like Lost, Fringe, and Person of Interest, as well as in theaters with movies like Mission Impossible: III, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Cloverfield, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Super 8. Their shared success shows every evidence of continuing for many years to come with multiple television and movie projects on the horizon, the most anticipated arguably being the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, due to hit theaters in December 2015.

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