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Burky Me and Greg Grunberg - April 2005 (hijinx)

Welcome to the long overdue redesign of Burky’s World – the fansite dedicated to Hollywood producer extraordinaire Bryan Burk! I started this website for Burky (Bryan’s nickname) over 10 years ago and it has been needing a massive overhaul for a while now. Thanks to Chris George of 801Red and the team at Sleeping Giant Creative for doing such an awesome job with the site. Take some time to poke around, look at photos, read up on current and future Bad Robot projects (or reminisce over past projects), and if you feel so inclined – join Burky’s fanclub: the Burky Babes! The paint is still a bit wet around here, so if you notice any glitches or dead links, please shoot me a message.

This site is not like other fansites. I am not looking to make money off of hits or ads or products, etc. And while I have Burky’s blessing, he is NOT involved with any of the content of this site. To be honest, he thinks I’m a little crazy for starting the site and the fan club in the first place.

This blog element is a new addition that I hope to use as a way to keep the fans informed on a more consistent basis and to allow for comments and feedback. Thanks for stopping by to visit and come back soon!


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