Fan Appreciation

Over the years, I have collected or been sent numerous messages about Burky.

They have come from fans and people in the entertainment industry telling me how awesome Burky is and how much they appreciate all he does for the fans and for the projects he has worked on – mostly unnoticed and unacknowledged by the media.

Being Burky’s #1 Fan and founding Burky Babe, I feel it’s my job to share some of these stories here on this fan site – not because Bryan seeks this kind of attention, but because he really really DOESN’T. If you have any personal stories about your interactions with Burky, please send them to and they may appear on the site.

– hijinx

Appreciation Day Posts
April 21-24, 2005

During the days when LOST was still on the air, there was a tradition at The Fuselage (Official Site for the LOST Creative Team) known as Appreciation Day. Each week day, a member of The Fuselage was chosen to be “appreciated” by the another members of the board. On April 21, 2005, Starrox (BB #3) chose Burky to be appreciated. Because he was chosen so late in the day on that Thursday, a  special exception was made and he was appreciated throughout the weekend that followed as well. To start this Fan Appreciation Page, I thought it only fitting to share a few of the posts made by the members of The Fuselage in appreciation of Bryan Burk – from the place and time when all of this began:

Starrox — …I took a look at the list and since I had no idea who to choose, I decided to dedicate this day to a person I was surprised to find out hasn’t been appreciated yet – the “perpetual insomniac in order to bring us endless entertainment from the mind of J.J. Abrams”… Mr. Bryan Burk!

nFound — Happy Appreciation Day, Burky! I appreciate Burky because he spent a lot of time and effort to try to get as many VIPs to the Destination: L.A. party as possible and was the driving force behind the video greetings from the cast members who couldn’t be there. Burky, I hope you know just how much that video meant to the attendees, especially those whose favorite actors weren’t able to attend.

The fact that Burky went out of his way to make a fan event as memorable for the attendees as possible says a lot about who he is as a person. In fact, I think that Burky is such a sweetie that I’m going to break my rule about never joining “fangirl” groups and go sign up to be a Burky’s Babe right now!…

Hattori Hanzo — … Happy Appreciation Day Bryan Burk! I appreciate Bryan Burk because of ALL of the hard work that he does and he loves it and has great passion for it. And he loves the fans and made a huge effort to get Dom on here which he did!…

jezebel — Happy Appreciation Day, Burky! Congrats on finishing season 1! A litany of reasons would be redundant at this point … you are wonderful, kind, and self-depricating … all qualities that I appreciate! Hope you get some sleep soon …

Slice — Happy Appreciation Day, Burky! You are one of the hardest working guys out there and you really deserve it!!! =) Oh yeah, Burky just ROCKS….even if he doesn’t like the praise =) I don’t like being praised either (it happens very rarely) but god, that man is awesome!

Ceirdwyn — Happy Appreciation Day, Burky!! I don’t think there are enough words to express how much appreciated you are… for all your hard work, going without sleep for days but being in the editing room instead, working on so many shows we love …. being a nice and generous person….. thank you for doing all of this… it was nice to meet you, however briefly….

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